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When to use confetti?

Any time you have something to celebrate! As well as the usual weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and New Year’s Eve parties, there are a whole host of other reasons including music videos, theatre productions, product launches, night clubs, Christmas parties, sports presentations and parades to name but a few.

wedding-confetti-cannons.jpgWhy do we throw confetti?

Because it’s fun and it makes photos look fabulous.

How is confetti made?

Our standard rectangular confetti is cut using powerful guillotines that can slice through stacks of paper.

The confetti shapes are made in presses that push a steel cutter through the paper. First, a cutter needs to be made in the required shape. We can make custom shapes for you but there is a cost involved.

What is biodegradable confetti made of?

Biodegradable tissue confetti is made from very thin paper - 17gsm to be precise. This becomes very fragile when it is wet and starts to break apart before fully disappearing.

Water soluble BioFetti is made from starch film that is very sensitive to moisture and will start to dissolve as soon as it comes into contact with water.

BioGlitter metallic confetti is made from tissue and is fully biodegradable. It has a printed shiny side and a matt coloured tissue side. It is also FSC certified.

Why use biodegradable confetti?

Some venues insist that you only use biodegradable confetti. We agree 100% when you are using the product outside. Traditional PVC metallic confetti is not biodegradable and should only be used indoors. Only use BioGlitter outside.

How long does biodegradable confetti last?

The time it takes biodegradable confetti to disappear depends on the weather. If it is wet and the confetti is in a public area with people walking on it, it can vanish in a matter of hours. If it is dry, it will last until Mother Nature can get to work on it with wind and rain. Rest assured, it will first disintegrate into tiny, less noticeable pieces, before fully breaking down over a matter of weeks, leaving no lasting trace


Generally, if it is a sensitive site, aim to collect what you can and what you don't get will blow away and break down naturally.

BioFetti is the second option available to you and we now supply this loaded into our hand-held cannons. We recommend this for sensitive venues and festival sites. BioFetti is water soluble confetti, so will begin to dissolve with the first rain. With heavy rain, you can watch it melt before your eyes, disappearing completely in less than an hour. Alternatively, simply wash it away with a hose. One thing to bear in mind is that it will start to dissolve in mid-air if it is raining, so we don't advise using it in wet conditions.

Finally, we have BioGlitter biodegradable metallic confetti. Please be very careful as most metallic confetti is plastic and is not biodegradable. BioGlitter is tissue based with one side shiny and the other coloured tissue and comes in 6 colours. It is not water soluble so can be used in the rain but like tissue confetti, the time it takes to disappear completely depends on the weather.

How do confetti cannons work?

In the bottom of the confetti cannon is a metal cylinder containing compressed nitrogen. On top of the cylinder is a rubber stopper held in by a metal hinged catch. When you turn the bottom section of the cannon, the catch is released, the stopper comes out and the nitrogen pushes the confetti from the tube. Additionally, there is a plastic mesh in the bottom of the tube to make sure the rubber stopper doesn’t come out!

What is a confetti cartridge?

A confetti cartridge is very similar to the hand held cannons but uses electricity to fire the cannon. The metal catch holing the rubber stopper into the nitrogen cylinder is held in position with a piece of cord with fuse wire woven into it. When you apply a current to the fuse wire, it heats up and breaks the cord. The metal catch releases the rubber stopper and the nitrogen pushes the confetti out of the tube. You need to have the correct equipment to fire the cartridges safely. You can hire them here.


Are confetti cannons safe?

Yes, but they are not a toy, so should only be used responsibly. Ensure you follow the instructions on every cannon and never fire a confetti cannon directly at someone close by. All of our confetti tissue and metallic confetti is flameproof and the cannons are CE marked.

Do confetti cannons make smoke?

No. All our confetti cannons use compressed air to shoot the confetti. You can get pyrotechnic confetti cannons that use an explosive charge to shoot the confetti. These do produce smoke, but we do not supply these.

Do I need a permit for a confetti cannon?

No. You can use confetti cannons at your wedding, private party or celebration with no restrictions. If you have hired a venue, we suggest you speak to them first to let them know that you would like to use confetti cannons, just in case they have their own restrictions.

If you are running a public event, you will need to write a risk assessment. We can provide you with a template to help – just give us a call.

How reliable are confetti cannons?

Our cannons are extremely reliable. We only buy the very best quality materials and cannons, direct from the factory. There are cheaper versions on the market, but as with most things, you get what you pay for.

How far do confetti cannons fire?


The range of the cannon depends on its size. Our small cannon will shoot confetti up to 8 metres, the medium cannon shooting up to 10 metres and the large cannon shooting up to 12 metres. You must ensure that your room is big enough to give you the distance required for the maximum range for each size.

Please note that our cannons are directional – to fill a room, you will need at least two, fired diagonally across the room. For example, in a room 12m long x 8m wide, stand two cannons in the corners of the room at either end of the 8m wall and aim at the opposite, diagonal upper corner of the ceiling. When fired outdoors, fire the cannons upwind of your audience and the confetti will drift over your guests.

Are confetti cannons messy?

Indoors, confetti is easily cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner. Sweeping can be difficult as it can lie flat on the floor.

Outdoors, you can use a leaf blower to collect up most of the confetti. Don’t worry if some is left behind – all our tissue confetti is biodegradable.

Are confetti cannons loud?

There is a pop when you fire a cannon but not a loud bang; certainly no worse than popping a balloon.

Can I use any type and colour of confetti in my cannon?

You can choose the colour and type of confetti; tissue, BioFetti or metallic. We also have a range of popular shapes including hearts, petals and butterflies. You can customise each confetti cannon when ordering online.

8045644564-bd1e5358ed-b.jpgDo I need to load the cannons?

All our Super Shooter Confetti Cannons come preloaded and ready to go. You choose the colours and we fill them for you.

How do I shoot a confetti cannon?

Pierce the paper on top of the cannon. Firmly hold the top section of the cannon with one hand and bottom section of the cannon with the other hand. Point the cannon up and away from your body – never at other people or objects. Twist the bottom section of the cannon to the left.

How much do confetti cannons cost?

The price of a confetti cannon depends on what you choose to fill it with. Small multicolour cannons are the cheapest. Remember, there are always discounts for case quantities.

How much confetti to buy/how much confetti/how many cannons per person?

If you are buying loose confetti to throw, allow 10 to 20g per person.