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2nd Jun 2016

How Long Does Biodegradable Confetti Last?

Lady enjoying the confetti: how long does biodegradable confetti last?

We are frequently asked 'how biodegradable is biodegradable confetti?'

Whether you are planning on using two hand held confetti cannons outside the church as the newlyweds appear or CO2 Confetti Blasters to cover a festival crowd for the headline act, you want to know how long does biodegradable confetti last and is it going to harm the environment?

There are various options available depending on how fast you want it to disappear.

The traditional option is tissue confetti. This is fully biodegradable and will leave no lasting trace. The time it takes to disappear depends on the weather. If it is wet and the confetti is in a public area with people walking on it, it can break down in a matter of hours. If it is dry, it will last until Mother Nature can get to work on it with wind and rain, then it will fully break down over a matter of weeks. When composted, it has been tested to break down in three months.

Generally, if it is a sensitive site, aim to collect what you can and what you don't get will blow away and break down naturally.

BioFetti is the second option and we can now supply this loaded into our cannons. We recommend this for sensitive venues and festival sites. BioFetti is water soluble confetti, so will begin to dissolve with the first rain. With heavy rain, it can be gone in a matter of hours. Alternatively, wash it away with a hose. One thing to bear in mind is that it will start to dissolve in mid air if it is raining, so we don't advise using it in wet conditions.

Finally, we have biodegradable metallic confetti. Please be very careful as most metallic confetti is plastic and will not biodegrade. BioFetti Metallic currently only comes in silver and is made from a natural bio-film. It is not water soluble so can be used in the rain but like the tissue, so this biodegradable confetti does last for a while, and can take up to 3 months to vanish completely.