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13th Apr 2018

How to Take the Perfect Confetti Photograph

How to Take the Perfect Confetti Photograph

Confetti throwing is special because it signifies an unforgettable moment; one that’s as fleeting as a petal in the wind. Capturing the moment on camera isn’t as easy as it looks, however; so, if you’re used to simply pointing your phone at your subject and hoping for the best, you might be disappointed with the results.

If you’re after some pointers, follow these tips on taking the perfect confetti photograph for your wedding or celebration.

Use the right camera settings

Get yourself off to the best start by ensuring that your camera is correctly set up. The ultimate action shot, a confetti photograph can be almost impossible to capture if your shutter speed is too slow: you’ll be left with a blur of movement, rather than a crisp and detailed portrait. Go for a shutter speed of around 1/200, combined with a lower lens aperture (we recommend around f/2.8) for best results. You might want to try a practice shoot before the big day, so that you can experiment with your settings.

If you don’t have a professional camera, and let’s be honest, most of us just use our camera, don’t be afraid to give is a go. The most important thing is to…

Keep an eye on the wind

Wind direction will have a big impact on your photograph; depending on where it’s coming from, your confetti may blow into the happy couple’s faces, or straight out of shot! This is one occasion when you’ll need to work with nature, whether that means waiting until a particularly strong gust has passed, or altering your arrangements so that your subjects have their backs to the wind.

The best photographs are achieved with the confetti blowing from the subject to the camera, with the confetti filling the foreground.

Consider the camera angle

Think about who you want to capture in your photograph, and how best to fit them in. It may not be easy, but taking the photograph from above will give you an interesting shot that puts the confetti at centre stage. (You may need to stand on a ladder to get the right perspective!)

Large confetti cannons will fire confetti up to 12 metres into the air, so an upstairs window of your venue can make a fantastic vantage point.

Choose the best colour for your surroundings

There’s a wide variety of different types of confetti available, and your choice will be a very personal one. One thing you might not have considered, though, is how your confetti will look in a photograph. Think about your location, and the colours that will appear in the backdrop. Are you standing outside a building or in a garden? Might the confetti be upstaged by a bed of flowers in the background? Take the time to consider your photo composition, and choose a confetti colour that’ll stand out, for a more striking image.

Colour coordaining the confetti colours with your wedding colour scheme will compliment the bouquet, dress and suits for a more dramatic shot.

If you are holding a black-tie event, black and white confetti looks fantastic in the daylight. Avoid black if you are planning to take photos at night or in a darkened room. Simply white or silver looks very chic.

Quality counts

As with many things in this world, you get what you pay for when it comes to confetti. So, if you want your photograph to look fantastic, it’s worth investing in high quality confetti that’ll stand the test of time in your wedding album.

White your guests throw handfuls of confetti, adding quality confetti cannons will shoot confetti high into the air to fill the photo frame.

Shiny, metallic confetti is a great option to draw the eye. It looks its best in videos to capture the sparkle as it falls through light beams. Try the slow-motion setting on your camera for stunning results.

Clear up after yourself

Think how you’d feel if someone else’s discarded decorations ruined your shot! Always make sure you clear up the confetti when the party is over, unless the venue has given you permission to leave it. Of course, biodegradable confetti is another option: this eco-friendly choice will simply melt into the ground and disappear when it rains.

Need some help choosing the right confetti for your wedding photograph? We can help you to build the perfect confetti cannon for your big day. 

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