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Customise your confetti cannon with your own personal mix of colours.

Create a unique experience with confetti to match your theme using our simple, three-step guide.

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Different confetti shapes falling down on laughing girl

When you purchase a custom shaped confetti cannon, you’re able to pick the perfect confetti to suit your celebration theme. You can choose from a wide range of confetti shapes in both tissue and metallic, allowing you to create your own personalised mix of confetti.

Celebrating a big wedding anniversary or Valentines Day: why not try our petal shaped confetti to wow your partner and guests? If you’re planning to propose to your other half but want to do something a bit different, hire a team to fire several cannons when he/she says YES and shower them with confetti hearts. If it’s a themed seasonal event you’re planning then our sycamore and oak leaf and white snowflake and blossom confetti is the perfect addition for autumn and winter celebrations.  

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