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Customise your confetti cannon with your own personal mix of colours.

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confetti wands scatter tissue confetti over a stage

If you are looking for a way to add a personal touch to your party, Confetti Wands are perfect for handing to guests at weddings, corporate business launches and birthday parties.

Because they do not contain compressed air, they are safe to be used by anyone, anywhere - young or old, indoors or out. This also makes them safe to take on airplanes, meaning they can enhance your celebrations wherever you end up!

With a swoosh of the wand, beautiful confetti will be launched into the air, reaching up to 6m. The wands are filled with tissue confetti, which is both flame retardant and biodegradable. Bring out your guests' creative side with a magical confetti wand, which are sure to be enjoyed by all!  


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