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Customise your confetti cannon with your own personal mix of colours.

Create a unique experience with confetti to match your theme using our simple, three-step guide.

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These are a magnificent addition to any special occasion, whether they go off as the ribbon is cut at a launch event, or fire a team’s colours across the pitch as they lift up a victory trophy. You can choose your colour of streamers to match your theme and make the event go off with a bang. Once a custom streamer cartridge is fired, they can reach distances of up to 25m, making them a great alternative to pyrotechnics, without having to compromise on style. 

The dazzling long strands mean that they are a great solution when a quick clean-up is needed. If your guests haven’t already picked them up to take them home, the streamers can simply be scooped up and wrapped around your arm, and cleared away in a few minutes. Our custom streamers work with our remote controls, powershot and multi-shot systems, making them ideal for all events. Firing systems supplied separately.

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