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glitter confetti showers wedding couple

If you want to add some glitz and glamour to your celebrations, then our metallic confetti is the perfect solution.

It is flameproof and beautifully metallic, lighting up any room with a dazzling mirrored finish. We offer a choice of 6 colours off-the-shelf to choose from, including pink, green, silver and multi-coloured. The confetti also comes in various shapes, ranging from 2cm x 5cm rectangles to 2cm circles to suit all events. Why not try our metallic stars to add some finesse to a seasonal Christmas party?

As the confetti gracefully falls to the ground, it flutters and spins as it falls giving a fantastic glittering effect when illuminated by lights. Its versatility means that it is perfect for reloading confetti cannons, being scattered across tables as decorations or just for general throwing. Depending on your venue and event, you can purchase the confetti in bulk or purchase it in small quantities. Perfect for use in front of an audience, the confetti will fall through the air, catching the stream of light from the stage lights and reflecting it all around the room in different directions, creating a truly stunning effect. Supplied by the kilogram, this dazzling metallic confetti is the picture-perfect way to add some Hollywood sparkle to your next big event.

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