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Customise your confetti cannon with your own personal mix of colours.

Create a unique experience with confetti to match your theme using our simple, three-step guide.

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wedding confetti cannons shoot confetti over bride and groom

There are numerous opportunities during the big day for our wedding confetti cannons to add a touch of magic - and most importantly, we will custom load them for you with your own personal mix of colours to match your colour scheme perfectly.

Use our Biofetti Cannons as the newlyweds leave the church, Custom Shape Cannons for a cascade of hearts as you cut the wedding cake, Custom Tissue Confetti Cannons for the first dance and Glitter Confetti Cannons to wow your guests throughout the night.

And if you still want more, hand our Confetti Magic Wands to your guests to wave as you depart the reception at the end of the night.

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