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Customise your confetti cannon with your own personal mix of colours.

Create a unique experience with confetti to match your theme using our simple, three-step guide.

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A cascade of confetti is an incredibly eye-catching vision, and with the products seen below, you can choose your mix of colours to fit in with your company or theme. You can create your very own combination of confetti: watch the lightweight tissue confetti gracefully fall to the ground, while the metallic confetti catches the light and beams it across the room like a million tiny mirrors.

A custom confetti cartridge comes in one of two sizes, the larger firing a cloud of confetti up to 12m away. The air powered cartridge means that it is safe to use indoors, even if there are smoke alarms. They are compatible with our remote control, powershot and multi-shot systems (supplied separately) making them easy to set off individually, or simultaneously with other cartridges. Try it today to add a personalised explosion of colour that will leave you guests in awe. 

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