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12th Jul 2017

The Ultimate Event Checklist

Well-planned events seem to unfold seamlessly, don’t they? However, there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. In fact, the more meticulously you can plan your event, the better its chances of being a success. So why not use our comprehensive event checklist to get everything organised well ahead of time?

Budget checklist

Whatever the size of your event, whether it’s a lavish affair or a low-key do, you’ll have a budget that you need to stick to. So, the first part of your event checklist will help you to ensure that your event doesn’t edge into the red.

  • Spreadsheets are your friend! Make a list of everything you’ll need to pay for and keep referring back to your document when seeking quotes. Having all the figures written down in one place will help you keep track of your spending.
  • Give yourself a budget for unforeseen contingencies so that you have something to fall back on if things don’t go to plan.
  • 1277639-529372513810110-1895533794-o.jpgCheck out our tips for frugal party planning on a budget .

Booking a date and venue

This is fundamental; without a date and location, your event simply won’t take place!

  • Choose a date that gives you ample time for planning, offers your guests enough notice, and allows you to book ahead to secure the venue, entertainment and catering that you really want.
  • Does it clash? Do some research to ensure that your guests don’t find themselves double-booked.
  • Get the ideal venue by adding the following considerations to your event checklist: capacity, proximity to public transport, parking facilities, amenities.

Publicity and invitations

Leaving somebody out could be an embarrassing faux pas. Make sure everyone knows about your big bash and that all the most important people are invited.

  • Make a list of everyone you can think of in your circle of friends and family. Even if you’re not going to invite them all, take time to consider everyone’s significant others and children.
  • As soon as your venue is booked, contact people to let them know they’ll need to save the date.
  • Create an event page on social media – it’s easy, quick and convenient for people to RSVP.

Entertainment, catering and decorations

This is the fun part, but it still requires careful planning.

  • Make sure you cater for everyone. Consider dietary requirements well in advance and inform your caterer of any special requests.
  • 8045644564-bd1e5358ed-b.jpgAdd a bit of glitz and glamour, but ensure that you comply with any rules enforced by your venue. If you’re planning on using confetti cannons or loose confetti , don’t forget to check to see if the use of confetti is restricted (you might be required to use it indoors only, or stick to the biodegradable kind).
  • If you’re planninga corporate event, research your audience. Knowing their background will help you to impress your clients.

Tasks for after the event

However successful your event has been, the work isn’t over when the last guest leaves. Get it all done and dusted with our post-event checklist.

  • Get your deposits back. Return anything you have hired in good condition and make sure you get back any money you are owed.
  • Thank your guests. You had a wonderful time and it’s all down to them. Your guests will really appreciate receiving a thank you note.