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12th Jun 2017

How Do Confetti Cannons Work?

Confetti cannons work by using energy from compressed nitrogen, which is stored in a cylinder at the bottom of the cannon. The nitrogen is released by turning the bottom of the tube to release the stopper that kept it in place (just like a cork in a bottle of Champagne), and surges through the cannon at speed, pushing the confetti out from the top of the tube.

How to use a confetti cannon at your big event

how do confetti cannons work

When using a confetti cannon at a wedding or other celebration, it’s important to get it right first time. You don’t want to miss your cue while you ponder how to use it! In advance of the big day, make sure you know how your confetti cannon works and how to launch the confetti, by following this simple guide:

  • First, ensure that your confetti cannon is loaded, so you have something to shoot. (All handheld confetti cannons sold by Confetti Supermarket come pre-loaded with your choice of confetti).
  • You’ll see that there is a paper circle covering the top end of the cannon. Pierce the circle to allow your confetti to come out.
  • It’s worth practising how to hold the confetti cannon, as it’s important to get the position right. Always point the cannon away from your body, facing upwards into the air. Ensure that no people or animals are in its path.
  • With one hand on the top part of the cannon and one on the bottom, twist the bottom part of the cannon anti-clockwise. This will release your confetti with a pop!

Are confetti cannons safe to use?

Confetti cannons aren’t dangerous, provided that they are used with care. So, always ensure that you understand how to hold your confetti cannon safely, and be aware of others in your vicinity when you plan to let it off. Don’t give them to very young children (they could sprinkle loose confetti instead).

Most confetti cannons (including all those sold by Confetti Supermarket) are powered by compressed air rather than explosives, so there’s no fire or smoke produced.

What’s the typical range of a confetti cannon?

Confetti cannons come in three different sizes, which determines their range and the amount of confetti they contain; the longer the cannon, the further it can shoot and the bigger the effect.

Small cannons that measure around 30cm long can fire up to 8 metres, medium cannons measuring 50cm long will fire up to 10 metres, while large cannons measuring around 80cm, can shoot confetti up to 12 metres. So, your choice of cannon will depend on where you’re using it – don’t buy a cannon with a range that’s larger than the room you’ll be in.

Please note that confetti cannons available from high street stores frequently contain a smaller air cylinder than our cannons so won't fire as far. The same goes for spring loaded cannons. They are less powerful again and will only fire a couple of metres.

How do confetti cartridges work, and how do they differ from

confetti cannons?how do confetti cannons work

Confetti cartridges are very similar to confetti cannons, releasing a dramatic cloud of confetti at just the right moment. They too, work by storing up compressed nitrogen to push out the confetti. But in contrast to the way a confetti cannon works, a confetti cartridge uses electricity to release the stopper that allows the gas to travel through the tube and force out the confetti.

To use an electric confetti cartridge, you’ll need to hire a confetti cannon, which can be triggered by remote control.

Now you know how confetti cannons work, all that remains is to get your hands on the most suitable ones for your big event. Check out our range or contact us on 01582 723502 for more information.

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