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17th Oct 2017

Creative Product Launch Event Ideas

It’s been months in the making and your latest product is finally ready to go on the market. Try these fantastically creative product launch event ideas to make it a success.

Build up anticipation

Before your product is unveiled to the world, the world needs to sit up and take notice. So, starting well ahead of your product launch event, use creative ideas to generate interest and create a buzz around your forthcoming launch. It’s always good to keep a little mystery to retain people’s attention, so don’t give away too much, too soon.

  • Use social media to keep people guessing, with teasers to keep your audience rapt. Behind-the-scenes videos and images can be a great way to offer insight into your new product, without giving too much away.
  • Competitions can be a great way to get people focusing on your brand and thinking about your product. They’ll also give you an in-built, up-to-date, targeted mailing list to help you promote the product launch event.
  • When the big day draws near, use a countdown to keep momentum. Think of it like an Advent calendar for your product – give a little away each day, that satisfies people just enough but leaves them wanting more.

Choose your venue

The best product launch event ideas are the ones that really chime with your brand. Your choice of venue is one factor that will have a big impact.

  • Make your product launch a pop-up event! This has the advantage of getting your product out there to its intended audience, without waiting for people to come to you. Organise a memorable flashmob or simply give away free samples in a public place.
  • Stream it live. Wherever you hold your product launch, let people watch it live on video.

The grand unveiling

This is your big moment, and it needs to make an impact! When your product is unveiled for the very first time, it’s an occasion for celebration, so make the most of it.

  • Instead of the underwhelming snip of a ribbon, why not use confetti cannons at the crucial moment, to generate a party atmosphere? 

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  • Try to tie in your décor and party theme with your product in some way; for example, if you’re launching a new bottle of shampoo, your decorations could match its packaging.
  • Take advantage of your event and make it a true platform for your product: if appropriate, hold a product demonstration and invite your guests to have a go. By getting hands-on with your latest product, media and consumers alike will be more likely to recommend it to others.