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26th Jul 2017

Which types of confetti are right for your event?

When you decided to include confetti at your big occasion, you might not have realised just how many choices you would face! There’s an astounding array of loose confetti to choose from, in different colours, shapes and materials – and that’s before you even begin to consider the types of confetti that get fired from a cannon or placed inside balloons. If all this has led you to a bad case of confetti confusion, we’re here to make things a bit clearer. Check out our quick guide to help you decide which type of confetti could be right for you.

What’s the occasion?

The confetti you imagine throwing at a wedding is probably very different from the shimmering showstoppers that burst from a cannon. On the other hand, if you’re planning an evening of entertainment that needs to go with a bang, a sprinkling of tissue paper probably won’t provide the wow factor you’re after. So the type of event you’re arranging really does play a big part in the types of confetti you’ll choose.

  • Best for a wedding: Choose traditional, loose confetti in a tasteful pastel shade, such as this beautiful white blossom confetti.
  • Best for a birthday bash: Get the balloons out! This gorgeous, shiny confetti is placed inside transparent balloons for a festive decoration that will look good in any setting.
  • Best for a graduation: Co-ordinate your fellow grads and let off hand-held confetti cannons for a Kodak moment that you’ll never forget.
  • Best showstopper: Electric confetti cannons will fill the room with instant colour.

Look the part

It’s possible to buy confetti in all the colours of the rainbow (and more). There’s also a mind-blowing variety of materials and shapes at your disposal. So whether you’re arranging an elegant affair or planning a more outlandish occasion, you can always ensure that the confetti you choose fits in with your party theme.

  • Best for a Valentine’s ball: Red heart shapes sprinkled on tables will add an unmistakeably romantic atmosphere to the evening.
  • Best for adding a bit of sparkle: Metallic gold and silver confetti provides all the requisite glitz and glamour.
  • Best for the eco-conscious: Biodegradable confetti is a great-looking choice that won’t harm the environment.
  • Best for bonfire night: After the fun of the fireworks, cosy up in a warm room decorated with autumnal oak and sycamore leaves.

Choosing between confetti cannons

f you love the idea of launching confetti from a cannon but you’re unsure about the different types of confetti cannon, here’s a quick rundown.

  • Best for non-stop celebrations: A Reloadable Confetti Cannon means you can keep partying for as long as you like. Simply reload your cannon and shoot: it takes just a minute to refill with more confetti.
  • Best for audience participation: Choose Confetti Wands that are simple to point and flick.
  • Best for a big bang: Handheld Confetti Cannons are perfect for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries - or quite simply, whenever you have something to celebrate!

Browse our range

Hopefully this blog has given you an insight into the confetti that might be right for your event. If you still haven’t made up your mind, why not browse the different types of confetti we offer here at Confetti Superstore.