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Customise your confetti cannon with your own personal mix of colours.

Create a unique experience with confetti to match your theme using our simple, three-step guide.

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handheld confetti cannons at a party

If you are looking for a premium-quality, handheld confetti cannon that is safe, fun and easy to use both indoors and out, our party cannons make an impressive addition to any celebration.

Choose our Multicolour Confetti Cannons for a spectacular and cost-effective display of rainbow colours or for the personal touch, we can Custom Fill Our Cannons with your own unique choice of colours to match your wedding or theme.

We have the UK's widest range of colours and types of confetti to choose from; Biodegradable Tissue Confetti for use indoors or out, Glitter Cannons to add a sparkle to your indoor celebrations or Water Soluble Biofetti Cannons for sensitive outdoor venues.

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