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22nd Jun 2016

When To Use Confetti At A Wedding - Making The Most Of Your Wedding Photos

Confetti falling: Making the most of your wedding photos

Think of a wedding photo and it’s difficult not to picture the bride and groom surrounded in a cascade of colourful confetti.

With a multitude of budding photographers all vying to take your wedding photos, there’s no better way to capture the joy and celebration of the occasion than with a shot of confetti from a Wedding Confetti Cannon. And with opportunities throughout the day, there’s plenty of time for everyone to get the perfect snap. Here are some of our favourite moments…

After The Ceremony

As you first set foot outside the venue as husband and wife, now is the time to get the party started! With your Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man either side of the doorway, each with a LargeConfetti Cannon in hand, a simple twist of the cannon will launch a stream of confetti high into the air to slowly cascade around you. You can choose the colours of the confetti to match your colour scheme and the tissue confetti is fully biodegradable. For sensitive venues, we have our unique BioFettiCannons loaded with water soluble confetti that will disappear with the first rain, meaning your wedding photos will be stunning, without harming the environment.

Arrival At The Reception

The perfect excuse for a big entrance! Our MediumHand Held Glitter Cannons will add a touch of glitz and glamour to the occasion. With the spotlight on you, the pieces of metallic confetti will act like tiny mirrors scattering the light as they spin and twist through the air.

Cutting The Cake

Celebrate your love as you cut the cake surrounded by a cluster of fluttering red hearts. SmallShape Confetti Cannons are just the right size to focus the confetti shower around the happy couple.

The First Dance

Every venue is different, but the aim is the same – for the newlyweds to be surrounded by a gently falling cascade of confetti as you dance to your favourite romantic classic, creating the ultimate opportunity for the perfect wedding photo.

If the ceiling is low, give your ushers and bridesmaids the privilege of firing SmallConfetti Cannons at the start and end of the song. With one person on each corner aiming diagonally up and over the dancefloor, two cannons at the start and two at the end will create the perfect effect.

In a marquee, you could use MediumConfetti Cannons. Stand further back from the dance floor and aim at the apex of the marquee at the far end. Fire in pairs and the confetti will shoot 10m over the dance floor and include the guests as well.

In a barn where height isn’t an issue, LargeConfetti Cannons are the perfect choice. Ask your band or DJ to fire them from the stage and if the ceiling is high enough, you could have confetti falling around you for 30 seconds per shot!

Leaving The Reception

Now is the time to thank your guests for coming and let them in on the fun. Hand out Confetti MagicWands and as your guests wave goodbye to you, clouds of confetti will be released to create a falling curtain of pure white and the perfect backdrop to capture the last few wedding photos. The wands contain no compressed air so are safe for kids of all ages, including the ones who have maybe had one too many shandies!