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14th Nov 2017

Christmas Cracker Alternatives

If you’re fed up with wearing a paper hat and sick of groaning at the unfunny jokes, Christmas crackers probably seem like a tired old tradition. So why not liven up your celebrations and do things a little differently this year? Get festive in a new and exciting way with these ingenious Christmas cracker alternatives.

Confetti Cannons

Instead of crackers, why not pass confetti cannons around the table? Hand-held confetti wands are the perfect size to act as Christmas cracker alternatives and they’re guaranteed to get the festivities started in style. Try co-ordinating your cannons for a spectacular burst of glitzy metallic confetti, just as the champagne is uncorked!

Christmas piñata

A great way for the children to let off steam at Christmas time, a piñata will make an impressive focal point for your festive decorations. Choose a Santa, snowman, star or Christmas tree shape to create a festive party atmosphere, fill it with treats and loose confetti, and watch the kids go wild!

Pass the parcel

Why should this classic party game be restricted to birthdays? A Christmas-themed pass the parcel can include a toy or treat under every layer of paper, so that nobody goes away empty handed. Make sure you make it suitably Christmassy, with festive foil wrapping paper, chocolate coins and stocking filler-type gifts for everyone.

Boredom busters

Christmas crackers can be a great distraction if you’re waiting a long time between courses. If you’re worried about the kids’ rumbling tummies, why not lay their place with a small bag of Lego or other toys? That’ll keep their little hands busy and keep them occupied long enough to stop them pestering for pudding.

Christmas-themed fortune cookies

Here’s a Yuletide treat that everyone can get involved with. Get the whole family to help out by each contributing a personalised message, before getting stuck in with the mixing and baking. On Christmas Day, enjoy the look on everyone’s faces as they open the cookie to reveal their fortune. These make great Christmas cracker alternatives if you have young kids or pets who dislike the bang of a cracker.

Personalised decorations

If you’re looking for a small, special treat for each member of the family, why not invest in a personalised bauble for everyone? You could go for the type that opens to reveal a small gift, opt for the edible type, or make your own out of felt, salt dough or clay. Whatever the decorations you choose, they’ll add a personal touch to your tree.

Make your own crackers

We know we said we’d suggest Christmas cracker alternatives, but if you’re simply tired of the plastic tat contained in a traditional cheap cracker and unwilling to shell out a fortune on a classier version, a third option is to make your own. Cracker kits are available in the shops, so that you can choose your own gifts and fillings to stuff inside. We suggest filling your customised crackers with loose confetti, for an exciting and explosive moment when the crackers are pulled